I’m a self-taught sofware engineer who started hacking away on his parents’ old computer back when Perl, CSS2 and XHTML were all the rage.


I have a weak spot for the mathematical side of computer science (category theory, type theory, machine learning). I’m partial to functionally oriented languages, be they of the Lisp-y (Clojure/ClojureScript)) or ML-y (Haskell, Purescript) variety.

I’ve spent ten years of my life studying/doing physics, so if you ever want to talk (or hear me evangelize) about quantum gravity, emergent spacetime or many-worlds quantum mechanics, hit me up!

Aside from software and physics, I am an avid climber, mountaineer, runner and all-out outdoors enthousiast. I feel strongly about veganism and more ethical approaches to food (though in a very non-militant way!). I like books.

I keep an index of lecture series that had a significant impact on me, and would recommend to anyone.