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Getting started with WebGL

Most modern browsers implement WebGL, a javascript API modeled after the OpenGL API that allows your javascript code to directly access your GPU for rendering graphics to a canvas element. Let's have a first look at how to use WebGL to create graphics in the browser.

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Starting a fresh .vimrc

I started a fresh .vimrc from scratch, and decided it was a good idea to document the process for my future self, and anyone else who might benefit from it.

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Listening to Rachmaninoff's Isle of the Dead

Pick someone off of the steet and ask them if they know a piece by Rachmaninoff, chances are they'll name one of his piano concertos. It's gained immortal status by its ubiquity in the Queen Elisabeth competition, and countless others. While they much deserve their celebrity status, I thought I'd take some time to discuss one of my own favorites. That said, I suppose anyone more aquainted with Rachmaninoff would say it's hardly less famous than his piano concertos.

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Configuring a blog with Eleventy

The first thing one notices when looking at the Eleventy documentation is that *there isn't really much there*. It's about as bare bones as it gets: no complicated data models, no strict directory hierarchies. Eleventy takes all files from one folder, compiles them, and generates a folder of output files. Learning how to use it was, in a word, a breeze.

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Statically generated sites and the JAMstack

There is a bit of a trope, a tradition, that the first thing that is discussed on a newly founded blog should be how said blog was set up and configured. I wouldn't dare break away from this tradition, and will in due time write down the nitty gritty that went into setting up this blog, the things I've learned and the gripes I had with the tools used. In this particular post, though, I'd like to start by talking about some of the reasons for choosing the particular technologies that I did.

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