Sam Roelants


I’ve just got back from a couple of weeks in Belgium, seeing family and friends and getting some paperwork sorted. Other than that, I’m still struggling finding a balance between work and my personal time, often working far more than I should because I feel like I have to match other people’s productivity. Working on it…

Currently playing

I’ve not invested as much time as I’d like in playing the piano lately… A couple of weeks ago, I got into a practice rhythm again, and am working through Bartok’s mikrokosmos again. Slow and steady…

Listening to

Been really hooked on Verdi’s (loose) interpretation of Shakespeare’s Othello.

Those first 6 minutes are the most outrageous depiction of a naval battre amidst a raging storm. Cheap thrills? Maybe, but man, is it well excecuted.

Currently reading

A bunch of scattered things.

Currently watching

Just finished watching the excellent lecture series on Cryptography from the RUB. Well worth a watch (albeit maybe at 1.5 playback speed) if you want to know the mechanics behind HTTPS, SSH and all the other secure protocols. The course goes over stream ciphers, block ciphers, symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, digital signing, and treats all the major players you’ll see when you click the little padlock in your browser url bar or generate a new SSH key.

Poem of the week

Came across a copy of Marianne Moore’s No Swan So Fine that I’d scribbled down somewhere ages ago, and man is it good.