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Configuring a blog with Eleventy

The first thing one notices when looking at the Eleventy documentation is that *there isn't really much there*. It's about as bare bones as it gets: no complicated data models, no strict directory hierarchies. Eleventy takes all files from one folder, compiles them, and generates a folder of output files. Learning how to use it was, in a word, a breeze. Read more →

Statically generated sites and the JAMstack

There is a bit of a trope, a tradition, that the first thing that is discussed on a newly founded blog should be how said blog was set up and configured. I wouldn't dare break away from this tradition, and will in due time write down the nitty gritty that went into setting up this blog, the things I've learned and the gripes I had with the tools used. In this particular post, though, I'd like to start by talking about some of the reasons for choosing the particular technologies that I did. Read more →